[C - Album] William So - So I Say (Released November 14, 2008)

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    [C - Album] William So - So I Say (Released November 14, 2008)

    Post by steven on Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:56 pm

    William So is finally back. After releasing the Mandarin album "Embrace" in June 2008, So Wing Hong now deals a one-two punch with his first original Cantonese album in six years, "So I Say", and a series of concerts aptly dubbed "So I Sing". Produced by top musicians including Dick Lee, Peter Lee, and Mark Lui, the album is an introspective journey through William's heart and soul, revealing his thoughts, feelings, and experiences over the last few years. The main cuts this time, "Lady Buddy" (Track 4), "So I Say" (Track 1) and "Marriage Commandment" (Track 3) represent a change in style for the singer. Gone are his trademark karaoke-friendly romantic songs, and remaining is his magnetic, mellow voice, as well as a newfound confidence. [Credit : YesAsia.com]

    Genre : Pop/Ballad
    File Size : 55.13MB
    Record Label : Gold Label Entertainment Ltd
    Country : Hong Kong
    Language : Cantonese

    Tracklist :
    01. So I Say
    02. Yes I Do
    03. 婚誡 (Marriage Commandment)
    04. 紅顏知己 (Lady Buddy)
    05. 飛人生活 (Trapeze's Life)
    06. 黑色禮服 (Black Dress)
    07. 伴變 (Companion Change)
    08. 汗香 (Sweat Fragrance)
    09. 蒲界耶穌 (Pu Jie Jesus)
    10. 普洱茶 (Pu-er Tea) ]


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